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Real Life Story

The following story is of a Kabalarian student who has graciously volunteered to share her experience.

Ariole Hailley

Occupation: served as Centre Representative since 1971
Student Centre: Calgary, AB
Written by: Ariole Hailley

It is a pleasure to share the wonderful mental freedom I have experienced in following the cyclic principle taught in the Kabalarian Philosophy.

There is a right time for everything. Every day we experience different thoughts and feelings through the influence of the cyclic rhythms. I have followed the natural cyclic pattern since I became a student, and one of my most amazing cyclic experiences was my recent move into a retirement lodge. It was the peak of my harvest cycle when I made the decision on a decision-making day in January, and I located a beautiful lodge the first part of March-a key time for change in my cycle.

I was able to move into the lodge in just two months, instead of the six to twelve anticipated; everything dovetailed quickly with all the help needed for the move by April 24th, leaving the balance of the year a natural time for more minor changes. Thus the completion time in my nine-year cycle brought into place the important move into a quality lodge quickly and efficiently.

In another cyclic period that indicated a change, I was offered two opportunities: one to handle a one-girl export office, and the second to supervise a land office with four staff. Because it was the time in my cycle to close down responsibilities and prepare for a more reflective time, I chose the export office. And there had time to develop my writing skills-which in turn brought the opportunity to write lessons for the Calgary young philosophers in my harvest cycle and, in turn, the opportunity to move to Calgary as Centre Representative in my next seeding cycle. Making changes at the right cyclic time is like moving downstream with the current.

Every day since, my sincere appreciation goes out to the young student who revealed to me my true purpose in life, thus allowing a most fulfilling future to unfold. I had always had a strong desire to help my fellow man in some way, and as I studied the Basic Principle taught I was given many wonderful opportunities to lecture, travel, and teach the Spiritual Principle behind all of life. Thus, my life, since 1942, has brought the greatest fulfilment of my ideals possible, and thus the greatest joy of living. May you also discover your true life’s purpose and the joy of its unfoldment.