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Become a Student

We invite you to become a student of the Kabalarian Philosophy. If you study and apply yourself to the Kabalarian Principles you will become an example to the world and prove all things to all people.

To understand and objectively decide on the validity of any subject, one must study it. Make sure to give yourself the opportunity to study the Kabalarian Philosophy as this philosophy deals with life in all aspects with nothing left out.

Levels of Studentship

There are many levels of studentship. As you progress along each level, you will gain new concepts about the wisdom of life and your part in it. Wisdom is profound. It takes time and effort to explore, understand, and apply the principles of life.

Student Level 1

Your first step in study of the Kabalarian Philosophy may begin as a Level One Student. From this point you will have the opportunity to learn more about the teachings of the Kabalarian Philosophy and grow toward more advanced levels of studentship.

Student Level 2

Take Life Analysis Training. This program is about you and your unique role in life. You will learn how to use a Mathematical Principle to understand yourself and others in a way you never thought possible. Through this class, you will gain a deep appreciation as to why people feel and express the say they do.

After taking Life Analysis Training, you have the option of becoming a member of the Kabalarian Philosophy or you can wait until you have taken other programs. Becoming a member has many advantages. Call us to find how you can benefit from membership.

Student Level 3

Take Cycle Management Training. This program relates the Mathematical Principle to time and reveals the natural rhythms or cycles that can be understood and used to create success in all areas of our lives.

Student Level 4

Take Healthy Living. This program reveals the Mathematical Principle in relation to your health. It is the study of the principles that create good health, the importance of daily deep breathing, and the value of happy thoughts.

You can take the Healthy Living program before Cycle Management Training. You must complete both programs to progress to Level 5 studentship.

Student Level 5

Take How To Be Mentally Free. This program is about finding and establishing peace, contentment, and fulfillment. It teaches how to use emotional power and the thought process that creates accomplishment and success.

Student Level 6

Take Principles in Action. This program requires membership in the Kabalarian Philosophy. This course transforms the theory of the Mathematical Principle into tangible, workable goals. You will set your goals and create your action plans and understand the power of focus and visualization.

Student Level 7

There are a series of senior philosophical studies that delve into the understanding of mind on many levels.